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All Creatures Animal Clinic, Ltd. opened in historic Bolivar, Missouri on October 4, 1999. Mark Hale, DVM, and all of the staff at All Creatures Animal Clinic, love animals and believe that they deserve quality health care.  Pets are a large part of many people's lives, and pet health is a major concern for many pet owners. 

In addition to basic care for dogs and cats, All Creatures Animal Clinic offers quality food and pet care products for optimal health care for your pet.  All products are top quality and will provide health benefits for your pet.  

Take the Fear out of Fireworks

  • Keep them comfortable: Keep you pet in a familiar area or an interior room, use a noise canceling device such as a fan, TV or radio to drown out sound. Shut windows, blinds/curtains and doors.
  • Give them a workout: Take them for a walk, play fetch or their favorite game. Do any safe activity to tucker them out beforehand so they will be ready to take a nap.
  • Divert their attention: Give your pet a new bone or toy to help distract them from the noise or activities going on outside.


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